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BRect Member List

This is the complete list of members for BRect, including all inherited members.

BRect(const BRect &other)BRectinline
BRect(float left, float top, float right, float bottom)BRectinline
BRect(BPoint leftTop, BPoint rightBottom)BRectinline
BRect(BPoint leftTop, BSize size)BRectinline
BRect(float side)BRectinline
Contains(BPoint point) constBRect
Contains(BRect rect) constBRect
Height() constBRectinline
InsetBy(BPoint inset)BRect
InsetBy(float dx, float dy)BRect
InsetByCopy(BPoint inset) constBRect
InsetByCopy(float dx, float dy) constBRect
InsetBySelf(BPoint inset)BRect
InsetBySelf(float dx, float dy)BRect
IntegerHeight() constBRectinline
IntegerWidth() constBRectinline
Intersects(BRect rect) constBRect
IsValid() constBRectinline
LeftBottom() constBRectinline
LeftTop() constBRectinline
OffsetBy(BPoint delta)BRect
OffsetBy(float dx, float dy)BRect
OffsetByCopy(BPoint offset) constBRect
OffsetByCopy(float dx, float dy) constBRect
OffsetBySelf(BPoint offset)BRect
OffsetBySelf(float dx, float dy)BRect
OffsetTo(BPoint offset)BRect
OffsetTo(float x, float y)BRect
OffsetToCopy(BPoint offset) constBRect
OffsetToCopy(float x, float y) constBRect
OffsetToSelf(BPoint offset)BRect
OffsetToSelf(float x, float y)BRect
operator!=(BRect other) constBRect
operator&(BRect other) constBRect
operator=(const BRect &other)BRectinline
operator==(BRect other) constBRect
operator|(BRect other) constBRect
PrintToStream() constBRect
RightBottom() constBRectinline
RightTop() constBRectinline
Set(float left, float top, float right, float bottom)BRectinline
SetLeftBottom(const BPoint point)BRect
SetLeftTop(const BPoint point)BRect
SetRightBottom(const BPoint point)BRect
SetRightTop(const BPoint point)BRect
Size() constBRectinline
Width() constBRectinline