Derived From:BControl > BView > BHandler
Mix-in Classes:
Declared In:interface/CheckBox.h
Allocation:Constructor only
Class Overview

Constructor and Destructor


BCheckBox(BRect frame,
          const char* name,
          const char* label,
          uint32 resizingMode = B_FOLLOW_LEFT | B_FOLLOW_TOP,
          uint32 flags = B_WILL_DRAW | B_NAVIGABLE);

Initializes the BCheckBox by passing all arguments to the BControl constructor

If necessary, the bottom coordinate of the object's frame rectangle is increased to accommodate the height of the label, given the object's font (be_plain_font, by default).

Freshly constructed, the object's state is B_CONTROL_OFF. Like all controls, the check box's view and low colors are set to those of its parent when the object is attached to a window.


virtual ~BCheckBox();

Deletes the BCheckBox object.

Member Functions

All of BCheckBox's member functions are implementations of functions declared by its superclasses. For information on specific functions, look in BControl , then in BView , and so on up the inheritance hierarchy.

Archived Fields

See "Archived Fields" in the BControl class. BCheckbox doesn't add any of its own fields to the archive message.

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