Stack & Tile web questionnaire closes on Sun 23/11/12

Blog post by czeidler on Mon, 2012-12-10 23:06

Thanks to everybody who has participated in the Stack & Tile web questionnaire! We have got much more participants than we had expected! So far there were 140 complete responses. I think this is great number! From these 140 participants there were 75 who had already tried S&T. It also shows that the Haiku community is not that small at all. This should be quite motivating for all developers :).

The questionnaire closes on Sun 23/11/12. So if you haven't participated yet but you are willing to fill the questionnaire please do so before this date.

Stack & Tile web questionnaire

In case you have already participated but you have some more interesting screenshots of how you use Stack & Tile feel free to send them directly to me ( Thank you!

UPDATE: the database is up again and the survey is working now.

Stack & Tile web questionnaire

Blog post by czeidler on Fri, 2012-10-19 19:55


as part of my PhD thesis at the Uni Auckland I would like to do a web survey about Stack & Tile.

Stack & Tile (S&T) is an extension of the window manager used in HAIKU. S&T allows the user to stack windows on top of one other or tile windows beside each other.

With the questionnaire we would like to gather some information about how and how often people are using S&T. Even if you never tried S&T before or you don't know S&T at all, we have some general questions for you and we are interested in your feedback! If you don't know S&T please take a look at the Haiku user guide *).

In the questionnaire you are asked to upload some screenshots as examples of how you typically use S&T. If you want to provide some screenshots please take them beforehand to avoid eventual problems with the web questionnaire (e.g. timeouts).

To participate click:

Stack & Tile web questionnaire

Thank you for your help!

*) Haiku user guide (S&T)