BeTeX and LaTeX back

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So here is the result :

More precise mathematical formulas (note antialiasing and italic/roman mathematical characters):

(a little easter egg : ocaml toplevel in a window)

As soon as i can do a package i will post it on haikuware, with instructions for latex installation.


See my last comment : the zip is ready but not available yet on the internet ; Instructions for installation will follow those of TeXLive with custom binaries (see the comment for details).


The zip is available at
The instructions to follow to install TeXLive will be as simple as there : , except that you will need to change all references to #!/usr/bin/env perl for #!/bin/env perl


BeTeX is available at


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It's great news. But I think it would be a better way to compile lyx ( since it's more powerful. Someone (michael?) compiled lyx some years ago (using qt4), but it used to crash, and I must admit i would love to have lyx.

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yes, here is the thread:

and the binary is also attached there

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texlive is also needed by lyx. Can you tell me how you managed to compile texlive? Based on that one can write a patch, and a bep. file , so that we can add it ot ,

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i have just compiled Lyx 2.0.4 , and it works not so bad. It still crashes in some cases, but it already works pretty well on haiku. It's interface is much prettier and you can work better with it, than with an text editor.
texlive is still needed, so i guess i should be ported, and added to the haikuporter at

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Hi Cipri,

Can you provide a link to Lyx 2.0.4 binaries?
Thank you.

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It did just a dirty compilation, I could do a clean one, but the problem is, on my computer the compilation takes... i guess hours, anyway long, and without texlive (just with lyx alone) you can anyway not compile the documents.

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I downloaded all the texlive repository (~ 5Gb...).
I disabled all features related to nonexisting part of haiku (X server, fontconfig, etc.).
I switched to gcc4 to avoid some tricky compilation failures in some classes with gcc2.
I made it compile through real dirty hacks : modifying stuff in generated files is never a good idea, but i am totally unskilled in automake and autoconf stuff.
I used some tricks mentioned on haiku-ports to port Unix apps.
I manage to get a stable compilation which is not still the case with the latest snapshot of texlive.

For qt and lyx, i am rather against non-native solution. Moreover betex is really in the haiku philosophy of simplicity.

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Did you try lyx? You can write most of the document without using latex commends, you can use a lot of stuff just with graphical methods. It has a lot of stuff that makes you works much faster and easier and more comfortable, for example you see while typing how your document is about to look like. And QT feels quite native on haiku and also fast. QT is not more native on windows than it is on haiku.

Related to simplicity: I guess the "StyleEditor" in haiku fullfits great the term "simple".
In such cases where you need to work, you need software that is productive, and so far it seems lyx is a good/great choise.

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Related to "native":
Another example is c++ programming. You can use StyleEditor or PE, both are native, and simple, but i use/used S.T.E. editor, which is made with QT. The result is, i'm more productive and dont waste that much time.
I see the situation more pragmatic, than ideologic. I use the best tools i can have, to have my work done.

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For the Time it is ok. Optional Libs and Framework are good, but that can not a goal for haiku are. I funy to see Haiku have qt, java, OpenJDK and some other lang bindings.
Back on focus a OS, i like to see more stability and more fixes in the base.
When Haiku are R1 she is a nice OS. I hope more people like this and help to make a fastes and stable base OS. (and not a way of Linux Distr. and not the Window way) We need people he love this system, we need more amiga/apple lovers and opensource evangelists, jung and old Developers, Designer and Real Users. We are a family, we are inovatiov and going not the make fast money way. Lets Heck the CPU and GPU and all other bad HW stuff he is not open.

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The zip has been successfully created, i just need to find a location for public downloading.
The instructions to follow to install TeXLive will be as simple as there :, except that you will need to change all references to #!/usr/bin/env perl for #!/bin/env perl

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that's where you should take a look. You need to create a .bep file and/or a .patch file