Contract Paused Due to Health Issues

Blog post by mmlr on Sun, 2012-02-05 17:22

I'm writing this to inform a broader audience of what was/is going on with my Haiku contract work.

The contract has been paused since the first week of January 2012 due to an injury I sustained. The cause was a mishap on my part during an exercise, a 'sports' injury if you will. It lead to a couple of pulled joints that then got inflamed and became very painful. I didn't think that it would last for too long and anticipated that I could still work to some degree. Sadly over the course of a few days the pain involved got progressively worse (since I didn't quite rest enough), up to the point where sitting down and typing became unbearable after a couple of minutes. I quickly informed a few people that I had to take a few days off of work.

As it turned out however, the injury did persist longer, even with the proper medication. The outlook given was "up to six weeks". So the days turned into weeks.

As always Haiku Inc. was very understanding and put my health clearly ahead of my contract. We agreed to simply pause the contract until my joints would properly heal and I could pick up my work again.

By now the pain is gone and I'm slowly catching up to the things I left behind. So I restarted work on Haiku (the KeyStore implementation still) but I am not up to full speed just yet. Once I can fully dive in again the contract will be resumed and you can expect another blogpost that reflects the status of my work.

I'd like to again thank everyone involved for being as forthcoming and flexible so that I could recover without having additional outside pressure. Also I'd like to extend these thanks to the donors that enable this contract and hope that this, arguably late, post can clear up some questions that may have come up.

Hope to be back in full swing soon and finally get back to contributing!


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you make a good Job and it is ok with a onPause() and i like your onResume().
And on the mid on this Year have we a full WIFI WPA and KeyStore for Haiku.

PS: i like the NetworkManager this Works with a cli and GUI.

Best Regards


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Thanks for the update, and of course your health should always come first. I'm looking forward to seeing the commits resume, when you're up to it, obviously!

Re: Contract Paused Due to Health Issues

Alles Gute und vor allem gute Besserung...

Re: Contract Paused Due to Health Issues

Hope you feel better soon, your hard work is always appreciated but a healthy developer is a happy developer.

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Grazie per tutto il tuo lavoro al progetto.
Auguri di pronta guarigione. :)

Thanks for all your work on the project
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. :)


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Get well, man! I had an accident last year, where I pulled some ligaments and muscles, and it hurt like hell. It may be a long time to get back to 100%. Take it easy, sleep and eat right, and it'll be alright.



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Hope you get well fast, is amazing how easy can the body fail. We are not 17 anymore every year injuries heal slower.

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I am pleased that you've returned. The right decisions were made, and I'm quite o.k. to have waited since the most important thing to me about Haiku - the implementation of TuneTracker with it, has taken place. I look forward to even more improvements and compatibilities going forth, so...
Welcome Back! :-)

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Are you recovering from your injuries, and is a restart of your work to be expected soon?

Can you give an update on the blog please?

Kind regards and get well,


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Well this just goes to show that I need to visit the Haiku site more often! All this time I've been wondering why I hadn't been seeing you in IRC. So sorry to hear of your injuries. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery, Michael!

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Sorry to hear about your injuries. I too suffer from similar problems due to martial arts and now I'm in my mid 30's things don't heal too well anymore!

May I suggest the following ointment that I use myself to great effect for speeding up the healing process and preventing pain? Hopefully it could help you too.

Take care and kind regards,

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"The outlook given was up to six weeks".

Any update?? Been about 15 weeks now. Feeling any better Michael?

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Micheal, are you still sick? hope you could gives us some news!


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There is an update on the situation here: