Haiku to mentor 3 interns in Outreachy and GSoC

Blog post by PulkoMandy on Wed, 2019-05-08 10:20

Hi there!

The selected students for both Outreachy and Google Summer of Code were publiched on Tuesday.

This year we will be mentoring 3 students bringing new features to Haiku over the summer.

GSoC is a program run and funded by Google, where we (and many other open source projects) mentor students over the summer to get them up to speed with contributing. Google gives them a stipend, saving the need for a summer job and allowing them to focus on their work.

Outreachy is a similar program run by the Software Freedom Conservancy and funded by various sponsors including Haiku, inc. for the first time this year.

Preetpal Kaur will be working on a new preference panel for input devices, replacing the existing touchpad, mouse, keyboard and keymap preferences with a single application.

Rajagopalan Gangadharan will be working on getting WebPositive to use the “new” WebKit2 API, allowing to run multi-process webkit (so a crash of one browser tab does not bring down the whole browser) and later on enabling more features such as ad blocking, private browsing, etc.

Bharati Ramana Joshi will continue the work on write support for btrfs, bringing another modern filesystem to Haiku and improving interoperability with Linux and ReactOS (the two other OS that already support btrfs out of the box).

The Haiku team welcomes these new contributors and wishes them great success on their work!