Haiku Down Under 2009 Report

Blog post by Sikosis on Wed, 2009-08-26 05:46

On Sunday 23rd August at 9:00AM, the Australian Haiku Developers and Users (Virtual) Conference - Haiku Down Under kicked off for the 2nd year in a row.

View from the balcony

Unforunately, the lack of support from the Australian users and developers meant I had to come up with the content, as well as run the event. This isn't what I was originally intending to do. I would have preferred to be the MC / Organizer of the event.

Anyway, with this in mind, the crown jewel of content I had was a special 50 minute Haiku Podcast episode featuring myself, TheNerd, Urias McCullough and Matt Madia. I was actually still editing this podcast at 2AM :(

Sikosis on the Mic

Technical difficulties plagued the entire event. From IE browser plugin issues with uStream, presentation slides being cut off, the strange echo and last but not least the uStream stream dying half way through the event. In other words, the streaming was an utter steaming pile of fail.

Dirty Hack

With that said, I managed to rip the audio from the recording and I have made a re-edited video with additional demo footage, which is available on Vimeo.

Congratulations to the winners of the prizes:-

Urias McCullough - WonderBrush Single User License
Colin G - Haiku T-Shirt
OCO - Haiku T-Shirt

Drawing the Winners

All in all, there were 12 people in attendance (1 live and 11 virtual), which isn't the best turn out, so I would love to see us double or triple these numbers for next year.


Re: Haiku Down Under 2009 Report

Hey, Sikosis! Shame your Conference didn't have the turn out you've hoped for. Maybe next year Haiku will have grown enough to improve attendance down under.
Since many users/devs are located in Europe, starting time of Haiku Down Under at 9am may contribute to poor attendance. It's 1am over here... If you could move it +8 hours it would be perfect while having a long Sunday breakfast. :)
I did listen/watched and enjoyed your podcast, however!

Re: Haiku Down Under 2009 Report

Ah sorry I didn't hear about this, though I am not enormously active in the Haiku community (yet, I have to finish some other projects before I can devote time to Haiku).

Have you thought about trying to get a miniconf spot or something at Linux.conf.au? It is a Linux conference but I am sure people would be a fairly large number of interested people.

Re: Haiku Down Under 2009 Report

DanielDevine wrote:

Have you thought about trying to get a miniconf spot or something at Linux.conf.au? It is a Linux conference but I am sure people would be a fairly large number of interested people.

I was was thinking of Linux.conf.au when I read this as well.
I don't know why but it is not in OZ next year but NZ, not so good for some, but better for me.


There is a open day where you can have a free stall.

I'm loving their notice that people should "please note, New Zealand is a country in its own right", and not part of Australia.

Re: Haiku Down Under 2009 Report

Yeh we actually looked at the linux.conf last year -- but the decision was made that it was "too costly" for people to fly to Sydney, accomodation, event fees. So that's why it was decided to be virtual because all the people were spread out around Australia.

But if you do hear of any other Open Source conferences, I would be intrigued.

Re: Haiku Down Under 2009 Report

There is some of the LCA budget which goes towards helping speakers attend. I'll have a chat with my local Speaker's Liaison.

Re: Haiku Down Under 2009 Report

bugger ... "OSDC is being held in Brisbane in 2009." unfortunately submissions are closed.

Re: Haiku Down Under 2009 Report

Just to let your know, http://haikupodcast.com/ doesn't have a login/register link on the main page or near a comment area, so most wont know how to create an account to post a comment.

I personally typed a long comment to have it destroyed in a submit that failed, due a login error report. No links were given to create an account. Doing a browser-back-button didn't restore the text I typed!

For those that want to create an account, you need this link ;

Also because I run my own mailserver, I was blocked with your wordpress spamhaus filter. So I can't post anyway unless you turn that off or reduce security. I also have email security issues here on the main Haiku website becuase they use spam modules in Drupal.

Anyway, I suggest you get ISP's in Aust to mirror the distros, that will promote the OS and cut downloads from main server. I couldn't find any mirrors close in Melbourne but will try AARNet, Qld.