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Trac Plugin: "Test and Commit Patch" functionality

Several developers have requested the ability to simply press a button that would trigger an automatic system to test and (conditionally commit) a supplied patch.

Trac Plugin: update tracbuildbot plugin

The tracbuildbot plugin is a plugin that provides intergration between Trac and the BuildBot build system.

BuildBot Plugin: Update BuildBot Bootstrap

BuildBot Bootstrap is a set of templates to be used with BuildBot 0.8.7 or newer. They use Twitter Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript improve the web interface.

Pootle Plugin: Add support for translated resources

Pootle we are looking to extending it to support translated resources, like the images in our user guide, so that Pootle can also be used for our user guide translations.

Pootle Plugin: Add write support to API

Web Applications

Web appstore for HaikuDepot

Fork the Django based Ubuntu Apps webapp and modify it to use the HaikuDepot api so it communicate with website to pull icons, screenshots, rating and etc into this web frontend.