Accepted Students

Accepted Students

Louis Feuvrier

  • Handle: choupy
  • Mentor: Jessica Hamilton, Fredrik Holmqvist
  • Project: UEFI bootloader

Akshay Jaggi

  • Handle: akshay1994
  • Mentor: Jérôme Duval
  • Project: LibUSB port

Arvind S Raj

  • Handle: dnivra
  • Mentor: Adrien Destugues
  • Project: Haiku ARM port

Zhuowei Zhang

  • Handle: zhuowei
  • Mentor: Bruno Albuquerque
  • Project: The Go programming language's compiler and runtime port

Additional Mentors

It is worth noting that Haiku has moved past the "one mentor per student mentality". In addition to the primary mentors listed above, the following people are part of a pool of mentors. The mentor pool is available to all students, as a supplement to their officially listed mentors. This improves the so-called Bus Factor, by enabling other interested and knowledgeable people to participate in the students' daily activities.

  • Stephan Aßmus (stippi)
  • Andrew Bachmann (andrewbachmann)
  • Adrien Destuges (PulkoMandy)
  • Axel Dörfler (axeld)
  • Alexander von Gluck IV (kallisti5)
  • Rene Gollent (AnEvilYak)
  • Fredrik Holmqvist (tqh)
  • Scott McCreary (scottmc)
  • Urias McCullough (umccullough)
  • Hamish Morrison (hamishm)
  • François Revol (mmu_man)
  • John Scipione (Skipp_OSX)
  • Ingo Weinhold (bonefish)

In closing ...

Thank you to all who have and continue to take the time to make Haiku's participation in Google Summer of Code a successful adventure. This includes Google for sponsoring Summer of Code; its program administrators Carol Smith, Cat Allman, Chris DiBona, & Ellen Ko; the Melange developers and contributors; and of course Haiku's Mentors. If any student would like feedback regarding your proposal and suggestions for next year, feel free to contact (Matthew Madia).