Community Links

Here is a list of links to Haiku User Group (HUG) and third-party Haiku-related sites that make up the wider Haiku community ecosystem. See at the bottom of the page if you would like to have your Haiku-related site added to this page.
  • BeSly: German BeOS, Haiku and ZETA knowledge base. Tutorials, translations and more in several languages.
  • BeTips: The Haiku/BeOS Tip Server.
  • HaikuArchives: The GitHub repository for many Haiku native open source projects. Software Archives
  • Haiku Gazette: Haiku news in German.
  • Haiku OS Italia: News for Italian Haiku users.
  • HaikuPorts: HaikuPorts is a centralized collection of software ported to the Haiku platform.
  • Haiku User Group Brazil: Blog of HUG-BR, created by translation team for Brazilian Portuguese language. Meeting point for brazilian users, developers and sympathizers share suggestions, ideas, info, news and more about Haiku.
  • Haiku Tips: Repository of Haiku daily use tips and tricks.
  • Haiku User Group Germany: The Haiku User Group for Germany.
  • Haiku User Group Nordic: A Haiku User Group for scandinavian speaking countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
  • Haiku User Group France: A Haiku User Group for France, Wallonia, Quebec and other French speaking places.
  • leBUZZ: A blog mostly focused on audio news and software for Haiku and BeOS.
  • QUBE.RU: Russian BeOS and Haiku community.
  • Team Haiku: Project dedicated to the promotion of Haiku, and the development of distributed computing applications.

Tell us about your site!

If you have a community-based Haiku-related site that you would like us to add to this page, contact us with the following information:

  • Project name
  • Home page address
  • Project brief description (25 words at most)
Only community-based projects related to Haiku or the Haiku platform will be listed. We reserve the right to edit the provided information, and accept or refuse any request for listing at our own discretion.