Community Initiatives

The Haiku Project is proud to work with other organisations on social initiatives to get more young people involved in the open source community. We believe our track record below speaks louder than words:

Google Summer of Code | Google Inc

The Google Summer of Code™ is a program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects. Haiku made its debut as a mentoring organization in 2007, and has since been chosen to participate every year. Participating in the Google Summer of Code has not only meant getting fresh code for many different areas of Haiku, but has also translated into community growth, as several former Google Summer of Code students have become active long-term Haiku contributors over time.

Google Code-In | Google Inc

Google Code-In was the little brother of the Summer of Code which targeted younger students - 13 to 17 years old - and consisted of many small tasks that were suitable for that age group. Every student that completed at least one task got a certificate and for at least three tasks additionally a t-shirt. The five best students per organization won a sweatshirt and two of those were invited to visit the Google headquarters after each competition.

VALS Semester of Code | Virtual Alliances for Learning Society

"Its goal is to connect higher education students with open source projects to introduce them to the cooperative nature of working within a group on a bigger project. For Haiku, besides potentially extending its feature set, it's another opportunity to spark the interest of new, eager developers with a chance to gain future regular contributors."

Haiku Code Drive | Haiku Inc

The Haiku Code Drive was a program designed to raise funds from the community in order to sponsor students to produce code for Haiku. The Haiku Code Drive program specifically targeted student candidates that applied for Haiku but could not make it into the Google Summer of Code. We were offering them a U$2,500 stipend per successfully completed project.