Welcome to the Haiku Book

Below you will find documentation on the Application Programming Interface (API) of the Haiku operating system. This API describes the internals of the operating system allowing developers to write native C++ applications and device drivers. See the online version for the most updated version of this document. If you would like to help contribute contact the documentation mailing list. For guidelines on how to help document the API see the Documenting the API page. A list of contributors can be found Credits page. Documenting the API is an ongoing process so contributions are greatly appreciated.

The Haiku API is based on the BeOS R5 API but changes and additions have been included where appropriate. Important compatibility differences are detailed on the Application Level API Incompatibilities with BeOS page. New classes and methods and incompatible API changes to the BeOS R5 API are noted in the appropriate sections.

A complete reference to the BeOS R5 API is available on the web in The Be Book. The Be Book is used with permission from Access Co., the current owners of Be's intellectual property.

Kits and Servers

The API is split into several kits and servers each detailing a different aspect of the operating system.

Special Topics