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file  Architecture.h
 Provides functions for getting the primary and secondary architectures of the system.
file  Archivable.h
 Provides the BArchivable interface and declares the BArchiver and BUnarchiver classes.
file  Autolock.h
 Implements a handy locking utility.
file  Beep.h
 Functions to generate sounds from the computer.
file  BlockCache.h
 Implements a mechanism to store and retrieve memory blocks.
file  BufferedDataIO.h
 Undocumented file.
file  BufferIO.h
 Provides the BBufferIO class.
file  DataIO.h
 Defines abstract BDataIO and BPositionIO and the derived BMallocIO and BMemoryIO classes.
file  Flattenable.h
 Provides the BFlattenable interface.
file  List.h
 Defines the BList class.
file  Locker.h
 Provides locking class BLocker.
file  ObjectList.h
 Defines the BObjectList class.
file  parsedate.h
 Date parsing functions.
file  Referenceable.h
 Provides the BReferenceable interface and declares the BReferenceable and BReference classes.
file  StackOrHeapArray.h
 Provides the BStackOrHeapArray helper class.
file  StopWatch.h
 Provides the BStopWatch class.
file  String.h
 Defines the BString class and global operators and functions for handling strings.
file  StringList.h
 Undocumented file.
file  SupportDefs.h
 Defines basic types and definitions for the Haiku API.
file  TLS.h
 Functions to use Thread Local Storage.
file  TypeConstants.h
 Represents type codes that are used by parts of the Haiku API.
file  Url.h
 Provides the BUrl class.