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PowerStatus shows information about the battery level, so it's only useful on mobile computers. If not yet running, launching the applet will ask if it should open in window mode or live in the Deskbar. In window mode you're able to resize the icon by resizing the window and use the Replicant handle to drag it to the Desktop.
Wherever installed, it's operated via a right-click context menu.

Note: PowerStatus requires a working ACPI support.

PowerStatus applet

The context menu offers these options:

Show text labelShows battery level in percent or remaining time.
Show status iconShows icon of the applet.
Show percent / timeSwitch between showing battery level in percent or remaining time (Show text label has to be active).
Battery info…Shows the extended battery info window.
About…Shows the About window.
QuitQuits the PowerStatus applet.

When Show text label is active, the battery level is shown in brackets while charging.