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Per la Laborstrio:No entry, normally launched via double-clicking a supported file.
Per la Spurilo:/boot/system/apps/Expander
Dosieroj de agordo:~/config/settings/Expander_Settings

Expander is a small tool to quickly unpack the most common archives, among them zip, gzip, bzip2, rar and tar.gz.
Just double-click an archive to see this simple interface:


SourceALT Owill open a file dialog to find an archive to unpack.
DestinationALT Dwill open a file dialog to set the destination.
ExpandALT Ewill start the unpacking. It can be aborted with ALT K.

You can toggle the display of the file listing by un/checking Show contents or pressing ALT L.

Expander can only unpack whole archives.
You can't select individual files to expand or add/remove files from the archive.

Settings | Settings… or ALT S opens a preference panel that offers some useful settings to adjust Expander's behavior.
The options are all self-explanatory: