Compiling Haiku for PowerPC

PowerPC Compiler Toolset

Building the PowerPC compiler toolset is quite easy and involves generating gcc binaries for your platform. For a complete list of flags for the configure script, see Haiku's Configure Options

From the haiku source directory, run the following. (be sure to adjust the options to match your build environment.)

./configure --cross-tools-source ../buildtools --build-cross-tools ppc

If you want to run configure again to tweak some more options, you need to tell it to configure for PowerPC. This is done with the --cross-tools-prefix option:

../configure --use-gcc-pipe --cross-tools-prefix cross-tools/bin/ppc-unknown-haiku-

PowerPC Haiku Builds

These builds require a valid PowerPC compiler toolset. The PowerPC port is in an extremely early state, don't expect these to work.

Compiling Haiku for Apple hardware

Apple PowerPC hardware is starting to age. There was quite a bit of work on PowerPC code, however given the large amount of reliability issues with Apple PowerPC hardware and the large hardware cost, PowerPC development has slowed.

To compile a Haiku boot cd for PowerPC:

jam -q haiku-boot-cd

To compile a Haiku network boot image: Booting Haiku over a local network