Serial Debugging

Hardware Serial Debugging

Your system needs to have a built-in serial port to leverage Serial Debugging. Modern laptops commonly lack this port. Desktops will generally have a serial port or a mainboard header for serial port.

Hardware Required


  1. On the machine under test, attach the serial cable to the available serial port.
  2. Plug the serial cable into the second system.
  3. Leverage a serial terminal such as minicom on linux or HyperTerminal on windows. Configure for 115200 8N1
  4. Boot the Haiku machine and Enable serial debug output in the bootloader debug options. (optional, serial debugging is always on at the time of this writing)

Virtual Machine Serial Debugging

Serial debugging can also be enabled for Haiku running in a virtual machine. This offers a rapid way to interact with a Haiku machine encountering boot problems.


-serial stdio for serial output in the terminal -serial file:/tmp/serial-out for serial output to a file on disk.

Virtual box

  1. Settings
  2. Serial Ports
  3. Enable serial port
  4. Port Mode Raw File
  5. Path/Address