Calling All Haiku Developer Wannabes

Blog post by darkwyrm on Wed, 2010-01-20 13:50

Have you ever wanted to learn to program for Haiku (or something else) but never had the money or the chance? Has something else gotten in the way? Even though I still don't have any real motivation to write code, right now I have plenty of motivation for writing about code.

I'm going to be publishing online programming lessons whenever I have some time. Usually this will be about one per week, but may happen more or less often on occasion, depending on how my spare time runs. These lessons will be available in PDF form under a Creative Commons license that will give me some options should I ever want to publish them in dead tree format.

Considering that I write fairly well and I've been teaching for more than 10 years now, this is quite an opportunity for someone who wants to learn to code. To kick things off, here's the first one. Learning to Program With Haiku, Lesson 1.


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Great stuff! The link to the actual PDF doesn't work, though. :)
[Edit: Works now, thanks Matt.]

If I may make a suggestion: Don't concentrate too much on the syntax of all C++ commands like for, while, if and the like. There are tons of sites out there going into it. Maybe link to a especially good resource instead. Much more interesting is their practical usage.

Anyways, thanks Teach. Now learn me some. :P

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Looking forward to see how it evolves into a Haiku specific book. Excellent idea!

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Thank you DarkWyrm, if you want i can translate your lesson in italian :)

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if you want, i could help out by porting them to python 2.6 and also if needed translating them to Spanish.

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I really appreciate your work... You should be reimbursed for your time somehow.

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Cheers Darkwyrm; I'm looking foreward to the next one.

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I wrote a program who print a box on the Terminal, and also a 2nd program who draws two boxes using function.

I wait for the 2nd lesson!!!

Thank's all people who working in the PROJECT HAIKU.

Good Work!!!

p.s Sorry for my English