A Report From BeGeistert 023

Blog post by luroh on Sun, 2010-10-24 22:14

Probably forgetting half of what took place and getting the other half backwards, below are my recollections of BeGeistert 023.

Friday evening, together with Fredrik Holmqvist (tqh), I arrived at BeGeistert 023 held at the youth hostel in Düsseldorf. The hostel was recently renovated and besides comfy beds it sports a restaurant as well as a bar.

Greeted by the BeGeistert orga-team, we were handed our room keys and decided to hit town ourselves to hunt down a schnitzel and a beer, since the rest of the attendees had already left for dinner. Back at the hostel again, we met the coding sprint guys, talked for a bit, svn upped and went to bed.

Saturday morning, more people were dropping in and a fierce amount of coding, testing and committing was taking place, only to be interrupted by a few presentations after lunch.

First to give a talk was Clemens Zeidler (czeidler), the topic being the innards of ALM, the Auckland Layout Model, and how to use it in Haiku application development. In addition to taking part in the coding sprint preceding BG, he also subjected the BG attendees to a Stack-and-Tile usability test where he gathered data to use for his studies at the University of Auckland.

Next up was the thoroughly jet lagged Christof Lutteroth from New Zealand, who clued us all in on a new type of database called PD-Store that he and others are developing at the University of Auckland. It is aimed for desktop-sized data sets (1 MB -> 1 GB) and has some interesting properties like transactionality, history and interactiveness. The fearless field reporter DaaT from IsComputerOn managed to snag a copy of Christof's presentation slides, so expect those to pop up over there soon.

Stephan Aßmus (stippi) followed up with a two-pronged attack consisting of talks on WonderBrush and Clockwerk. Exemplified by using stress test images, he demonstrated the weaknesses of WonderBrush in its current form and the strengths of a rewrite that he is currently undertaking. Clockwerk is a fairly advanced application, originally designed for automated presentation but can also be used as a sound and video editor. Think mixing, clipping, fading, animation, text overlay.

Saturday night coding spree continued into the early hours of Sunday morning.

After lunch on Sunday, a series of short presentations was held, giving more Haiku developers a chance to brief the audience about what they have been up to lately. In short:
Olivier Coursiere (oco) revealed that he has been working on a light version of Open Office for Haiku, including sending patches upstream for consideration.
Jerome Duval (korli) has been extending code developed during last GSoC, providing native support for the ext3 file system.
Axel Dörfler (axeld) talked about his work on the network stack, his hopes to tackle WPA encryption and how Coverity helped him track down the last known file system corruption bug.
Oliver Tappe (zooey) spoke about his work on POSIX locale and the joys of testing and evaluating a bunch of distributed version control systems. He now seems to have a clear idea of what direction to recommend for the Haiku project, but I'll let him spill the beans on that himself.
Fredrik Holmqvist (tqh) has been chipping away at improving Haiku's ACPI support, aiming at hopefully closing the infamous bug #5 and down the road to provide neat features such as switching on/off dual-screen mode.
Alexandre Deckner (aldeck) talked about the delicate work going on in his Tracker branch, where he tries to bring order to chaos.
Lastly, Andre Meissner of the BG orga-team threw out the idea of making BG an annual event as opposed to bi-annual, where money saved would be put towards coding sprints instead. If you want to give him a piece of your mind on this or any other BG issue, consider becoming a member of Haiku Support Association and the mailing list that comes with HSA membership.

Big thanks to the BeGeistert 023 orga-team for doing an excellent job with such things as reservations, Internet access, drinks and snacks!

And finally four pictures from my craptastic cell phone cam for your viewing pleasure: 1, 2, 3, 4.


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great work guys!! I hope that the wireless bounty get's more work so that I can use wireless internet on my laptop.

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Thanks for the report, luroh. Seems there are lots of interesting stuff in the works. Also thanks for the pictures, although some of them (particularly the 2nd) displays something disturbing as lots of devs are NOT glued to their laptops. I think for next BeGeistert an enforcer would be a good idea, preferably someone with experience in the prison system. ;)

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Great work, and thanks for the report! I got especially curious about the Tracker branch. Could anyone tell me more about this?

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Ah thanks for the article and the news...

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Thanks for the nice report Luroh :)
I'll post something about the Code Sprint as soon as possible.

@sparklewind: Regarding the tracker_layout branch, the most accurate information is in the commit messages. Although maybe a bit too detailed :)

also just noticed another report from DaaT -> IsComputerOn report

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And while you all had fun we were stuck at home, but still working... :p
Ithamar seems to have made progress on ARM port.
I managed to get the Amiga 68k bootloader much nicer :

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Thanks for that report luroh (and Daat @ IsComputerOn! This frees me from writing something up in my weakened state (I finally succumbed to a (hopefully common) cold...

Thanks again to all devs who helped whenever I hit some "irregularity" and esp. Colin for hacking a solution to my personal wlan problems, Fredrik for taking a look at my ACPI problems and Jerome for fixing the ext2 issue that prevented mounting of an ext2 partition and showing the read-only/read-write alert. Also, stippi, for trying some things to avoid tearing movie playback using vertical blank syncing (though up to now not successful...).
Hmmm, looks like everyone was really just there to solve my little issues... :)

It was great meeting all of you (again)!

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Here are more photos. All at least as crappy as luroh's...


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Nice write-up. Thanks for the news about BeGeistert.

Changing event to annual from bi-annual should be left to developers (who attend these) to decide which is better way to go.

Humdinger, they might have been all there to fix your Haiku issues but I'm sure others were happy for these fixes too. :-)

Was there any discussion on Alpha, Beta or R1 release or features? No rush for next release, just wondering.