BeGeistert 026 - "Marathon"

News posted on Sun, 2012-10-07 15:28

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Hello everyone!

The Haiku Support Association (HSA) would like to invite everyone to the 26th BeGeistert on 3rd & 4th of November 2012. The location will be once again the youth hostel in Düsseldorf, Germany.

For years now, BeGeistert has been the regular get-together of users and developers of Haiku (and BeOS before that); a nice opportunity to present the latest projects and get a direct reaction from the participants.

BeGeistert 025 "Silver" registration now open!

News posted on Tue, 2012-03-20 14:47

Late as always the registration for the 25th BeGeistert event is now open at last. Head over to if you want to take part in it.

The jubilee event is taking place at the youth hostel Düsseldorf as usual. Many of Haiku's core developers will attend, and discuss the future of Haiku among other things. It's a social event where Haiku developers and users come together to share their ideas, and experiences, even though there will also be workshops, and presentations for those interested. The complete program is still being worked, on though.

This time, there is no coding sprint, however, but to compensate for that a bit, the event includes the monday as well.

Thanks a lot to Charlie Clark and the Haiku Support Association e.V. for their tedious task of planning and organizing the events in all these years!

Invitation to BeGeistert 024

News posted on Tue, 2011-10-11 16:24
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Dear Haiku developers and users!

We'd like to invite everyone to HSA's 24th BeGeistert, the largest Haiku conference around. On the weekend of October 29th/30th developers and users meet again in Düsseldorf's Youth Hostel to code and talk and see what's new in the Haiku world. A perfect opportunity to learn of others' projects or present your own.
Currently we plan to have these talks and workshops on the agenda:

Impression from BeGeistert 019

News posted on Fri, 2008-10-17 08:36

Stephan Aßmus asked me if I'd like to translate my article on BeGeistert 019 to English. How could I refuse? :) Here it is:

BeGeistert 019 was held last weekend in Düsseldorf and was, as far as I can tell, a great success. I've been to BeGeistert twice in the past (I think 2002 and 2003) and in my opinion the spirit of BeGeistert hasn't changed since then. Maybe there used to be some more non-coders among the guests and the focus was more on applications; that was of course because Haiku was still in its OpenBeOS nappies at that time...

BeGeistert 019 - Alphaville registration open

News posted by stippi on Sun, 2008-09-14 12:43

After the date has been known for some time, Charlie Clark in the name of BeFAN and the BeGeistert orga team is now officially inviting to BeGeistert 019 from October 11. - 12. 2008 in the youth hostel Düsseldorf. Reservations are now open and should be made as soon as possible. To learn more about BeGeistert, see the BeGeistert website. It includes more info on directions, car pooling and costs. BeGeistert has a long history as one of the most important, if not the most important BeOS developer and fan summit. In recent years, the focus has shifted more and more towards Haiku. Pretty much every European Haiku developer is usually attending. BeGeistert is also a platform for presenting independent BeOS and Haiku software projects to interested users or potential new developers for your team. BeGeistert is a great opportunity for getting to know in person a lot of people one only knows via IRC or e-mail.

The coding sprint, which has been so successful before the last BeGeistert in January, will this time be held the week after BeGeistert. If you are a developer and would like to attend at the sprint, please contact Stephan Aßmus, who is responsible for the planning. The stay at the youth hostel during the coding sprint includes three meals (35 EUR/night). The hostel is providing a small conference room during the days where we can setup our gear and have some fun coding.

BeGeistert 018 plus Coding Event

News posted by stippi on Mon, 2007-12-03 20:20

Many Haiku fans have been eagerly waiting for the next BeGeistert, and the official word is out now: BeGeistert 018 -- Phoenix is coming back to Düsseldorf, where it will be held on January 12 and 13, 2008. But the good news does not end here: as a prelude to BeGeistert, a coding asylum event with the expected presence of many Haiku core developers has been organized on the same week and at the sample place.

In this, it's 18th edition, BeGeistert is going back to the recently renovated Youth Hostel Düsseldorf, the same place that has hosted this community event so many times in the past. The program for BeGeistert is known to develop in the run up to the event itself, but you can expect a wide array of presentations and workshops, most of which will be directly or indirectly related to Haiku. This will most likely include a Haiku development progress report from one or more of the core Haiku developers, as well as an update on the status of Haiku Inc., the non-profit supporting the Haiku project. There are also plans to present and demo, for the first time in public, a Haiku-based commercial application that has been quietly in development for the last two years. The Youth Hostel Düsseldorf where BeGeistert 018 will take place is located in the Oberkassel district, opposite to the historic city center and directly on the bank of the Rhine. This gives BeGeistert participants also a chance to enjoy numerous interesting sightseeing spots conveniently located at walking distance.

Several Haiku developers plan to kick off the coding session early: they’ll start already on the 8th. This meeting has been spontaneously organized to give Haiku development a last minute kick before the demonstrations during BeGeistert. These well known Haiku developers will participate in the coding session:

  • Ithamar R. Adema
  • Stephan Aßmus
  • Axel Dörfler
  • Jérôme Duval
  • Michael Lotz
  • Marcus Overhagen
  • François Revol
  • Oliver Tappe

If you are a Haiku developer and would like to attend this coding event, please contact Stephan Aßmus, geek liaison officer of the BeGeistert Orga-Team.

BeGeistert is an event that has been providing the BeOS user and developer communities a venue to gather for almost ten years. First celebrated in Düsseldorf, on December 1998, BeGeistert is organized by Charlie Clark and the rest of the BeGeistert Orga-Team. This coming chapter of the event is shaping up to become a BeGeistert on steroids, and an action packed week for Haiku too, so don't miss it!

BeGeistert 018 -- Phoenix facts at a glance

Coding Asylum

  • Place: Youth Hostel Düsseldorf
  • Dates: January 8 through 11, 2008
  • If you would like to participate: Contact Stephan Aßmus
Note: Many thanks to Koki and Humdinger for helping to provide this news item.
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