[GSoC 2022] XFS Filesystem Support

Blog post by Mashijams on Sat, 2022-05-21 00:00

Introduction :

I am Raghav Sharma (Mashijams), an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering undergraduate student at the Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science ( SGSITS ) pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in my second year.

I am selected as GSoC 2022 student for adding more xfs support for Haiku.

My mentors for this project are Pulkomandy and Saloni.

Here is the link to my project proposal

Current status of xfs on Haiku :

As of now we have read support for xfs version 4.

Inodes, short directories, leaf directories, and node directories can be read successfully.

I also did some testing for xfs during my application period, details for which can be found in this forum post

Project Plan :

I will begin my project by adding xfs version 5 read support. Linux has had it for a long time, so Haiku needs to support it, too.

Then I will start working on Extended Attributes, Symbolic Links and write support for xfs.

At present I will :

  • Implement xfs version 5 superblock.

  • Get crc32 checksum table and implement ck_sum (I will take inspiration from its linux implementation) function for metadata checksumming.

  • Test if we are getting valid version 5 superblock on mounting filesystem image and fix bugs/issues that comes.

After this I believe we should be able to detect valid super block for both xfs version 4 & 5.

Conclusion :

I will be very active on this Forum Thread where I will post small updates about my project and take help from mentors.

I will also make blog posts frequently to update the community about my progress and upcoming plans for the xfs project.

It will be an amazing learning experience for me so thanks for selecting me as mentee.