GSoC 2020 Project: Input Preferences

Blog post by PreetpalKaur on Wed, 2020-05-06 15:09


I am Preetpal Kaur B.Tech.(3rd year), Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) student of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, India. Last year I worked on an Input Preferences project in Haiku as an Outreachy intern 2019, which encapsulates all the preferences in a single dialog window. Now, my aim is to explore this project more by adding the new preferences for the devices and enhance their functionalities.

About my project:

Previously, the input preferences contained the UI and the functionalities of mouse, keyboard, keymap and touchpad. Now, to enhance it more, I decided to add the more GUI and functionalities of the wacom tablet and joystick. Also it needs to add more buttons for mouse for powerful users. In haiku, each application has a logo for each. So, it should also be the same for input preferences.

Project plan:

In this project I will work on the below-mentioned things:

  • For power-users and gamers

    • Add a facility where the user can configure a 6 button mouse.
    • Add Joystick UI and its configuration.
    • Add Wacom tablet UI and its configuration.
    • Each device should have separate settings
  • UI enhancement

    • Add a logo for each device in the list.
    • Remove the devices from the list which are not connected.

Work Done till now:

  • Removed Wacom devices from the device list when it is not connected.
  • Added the 6th button to the mouse GUI.
  • Now, working on adding the logo for each preference in the device list.


First of all I say a big thank you to the haiku community for selecting me this year. I will try to give my best to make this project more successful. :)

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Thankyou to all :)