Journées du Logiciel Libre (JDLL)

Free software booths, and a lot of talks for both the general public and developers. Also games for kids, and 3D printing and other demos by the local fablab.

  • Event Dates: 2019-04-06 - 2019-04-07
  • Event Homepage:
  • Activities:
    • Haiku demo at the booth, handing out stickers and DVDs
    • A talk by mmu_man (Sunday, 13:00)


Maison Pour Tous – salle des Rancy
249 rue Vendôme
69003 Lyon

Event report:

The JDLL is now part of our traditional tour, and we had both a booth and a talk to prepare.

On Friday evening mmu_man went to the Quadrapero organized by La Quadrature du Net, where they discussed digital privacy and other legislative topics. PulkoMandy had all of France to cross and arrived quite late so he couldn’t attend. mmu_man went back home, as he lives only one hour away by train.

On Saturday morning, mmu_man managed to miss his train, so had to wait for the next one, which was of course delayed by 20 minutes. Murphy’s Law… When he finally arrived at 11 am, he found PulkoMandy at the booth. They set it up properly with our now decade old tabletop, and mmu_man’s antique ASUS laptop.

mmu_man came with a whole box of CaramBar and some local biscuits, which helped attract people, and some actually were interested. Haiku was showcased as always and it caught some attention, even with simple things like x-ray navigation, that some of us often curse GNU/Linux for the lack thereof.

After closing the booth for the day we walked our way, mmu_man followed PulkoMandy a bit then turned for the train station… then almost got lost inside the huge shopping mall he had to cross on the way.

On Sunday he did get his train in time, and it wasn’t late. The slides for his talk were almost done, so he could have some chat at the booth.

Then he went for his talk, and since the subject was about reusing old hardware, used his old laptop for the demo. He managed to get the screen cloned on the projector with the BIOS-managed hotkey before starting, but had the bad idea of rebooting, so he had to give the talk without the panel working. But it went ok anyway. A dozen or so attended. He managed to show LibreOffice starting. He tried to use it for the slides but while it did load them fine, he knew using F5 to start the slideshow resulted in a crash, so used BePDF. At the end he demoed installing Haiku live, using a USB stick as source, onto a mounted disk image, showing how fast it was. It actually finished before he finished answering the first question.

After this, while PulkoMandy was back at the booth, mmu_man stopped to see the end of another talk by La Quadrature, then back upstairs. Btw, yes, since a few editions, the stands are all on the 3rd floor, while talks are in rooms on all other floors including one below ground. So that makes a lot of walking.

PulkoMandy then had to catch his train, while mmu_man stayed a bit to help tear down the stands.

It was a very nice edition with lots of discussions and ideas, and maybe some future Haiku users.