To Create or Contribute?

When you spot a need for an application it is tempting to create a new one from scratch. The HaikuArchives contains many projects that were started as an idea, and then fell out of use.

To minimise code waste and maximise re-use, you should consider finding a project that aligns with your goals, and adding your own new feature enhancements to it, rather than default to create Yet Another Application.

You can start by looking for active projects that already exist. Use the HaikuDepot application within Haiku to search for the type of application you wish to create.

If it doesn’t exist there, go over to the HaikuArchives GitHub repositories and see if you can find an application there that may have gone stale and is in need of a new owner. Each Archive project has its own GitHub repository within the HaikuArchives GitHub organization.

If you know of a good application in Linux or which is cross platform and open source, then consider writing a quick port “recipe” for that and adding it to the HaikuPorts Project. You can find more information on existing ports, or look to create your own port by reading this page on the HaikuPorts wiki.

If all else fails, contact other developers on IRC, the forums, or the haiku-3rdparty-dev mailing list and ask for recommendations, or let them know your development plans and ask for other volunteers. The Haiku developers are a friendly and helpful bunch and will be happy to point you in the right direction!