Many Ideas


First of all, apologize me for my English, I know it not quite good but Im improving. I have posted before but they have been deleted (I dont know why).

Quality / Stability, Kernel

I wish that Haiku before have been or sooner if possible BeOS clone. Have some security and quality features, i propose that this OS have a memory execution protection, just to make the life easier and secure, just to enforce to make best programming practices. The thing is like this:

*proteccion to dont allow execution of code if its in a "not code" memory section/page. So to prevent STACK and HEAP/DATA execution. So the application could fail, but OS remain stable.

*proteccion agaist stack underflow and data/buffer/heap overflow. So bad programmed applications could not damage the Operating system in that way and compromise it.

*independant memory position aplication execution.

with all this open techonlogies (even could be implemented by software) not only could make the user life easier but the developer life too, becouse it could be much more easier too detect some common bugs without crash our system. I guess some BeOS application are not too good programmed so they used that bad techniques, so at first place we could use a COMPATIBILITY user allowed method (or even a listed application allowment for compatibility mode with old and bad BeOS bad programmed apps).

at last
*portable devices compatibility and support, like those that could be plugued inot usb port, ex: Mp3 players, video players, memory cards/sticks, IRDa, WiFi, Routers/Hub/..., external storage.

Network Interface

I wish a well firewall, powerful but yet easy to configure, with an advanced mode for experimented users. Preconfigurated with the common and best settings to do every day work.

*Here we could add, a good network interoperability with all Unix open standards royalty free (SCO, BSD, Linux), to make a good neighborhood this OS in a network.

User Inteface, Game Kit

In this part I really wish a powerful GUI with a simple interface, capable to do good 2D/3D work. With advanced features to made easy programming great games using that GUI-API. I must be easy to extend, but the User Interface must keep standard, with the option if you wish to make it customizable with something like skins disigned by users, but with out let it modify the kernel/drivers of the OS. I made enphasis on standard because it hard work to bring support when the GUI its so different, and even the final user (common user) dont even know it at all its features and diferent options positions.

What its important too bring success to this OS its make powerful and yet simple, but with some easy advanced features for that know how to use it. To bring applications for: word proccesing, calc sheet, slide presentation, a good photo processing ex.linux:GIMP, a good vector drwaing ex.linux:InkScape, good Developing tools, like IDEs, .NET power and simplicity; and not less important a good 2D/3D engine (integrated API) so they (open and close developers) could bring great games. With all this we could attract much more users and industry.