Stack & Tile web questionnaire closes on Sun 23/11/12

Blog post by czeidler on Mon, 2012-12-10 23:06

Thanks to everybody who has participated in the Stack & Tile web questionnaire! We have got much more participants than we had expected! So far there were 140 complete responses. I think this is great number! From these 140 participants there were 75 who had already tried S&T. It also shows that the Haiku community is not that small at all. This should be quite motivating for all developers :).

The questionnaire closes on Sun 23/11/12. So if you haven't participated yet but you are willing to fill the questionnaire please do so before this date.

Stack & Tile web questionnaire

In case you have already participated but you have some more interesting screenshots of how you use Stack & Tile feel free to send them directly to me ( Thank you!

UPDATE: the database is up again and the survey is working now.

Stack & Tile web questionnaire

Blog post by czeidler on Fri, 2012-10-19 19:55


as part of my PhD thesis at the Uni Auckland I would like to do a web s