Getting Involved

Anyone can help Haiku. If you love what Haiku is all about, you can get involved. It's up to you what you want to do and how much time you contribute. If you are interested, send an e-mail to contact (at) haiku-os [dot/point] org or sign up for the Haiku mailing list. People wanting to specifically write code for Haiku can go here for more information. Read more below for specifics.

How can People Help?


Andrew Jackson once said, “One man with courage makes majority.” In other words, a sufficiently motivated person can make a marked difference in the state of things. This is how the whole project began and how it continues.

  • Financial Donations - People can donate money. This kind of contribution helps Haiku pay for operations and other goods such as hardware for developers. U.S. residents get a tax deduction for this.
  • Hardware - Spare parts, in good shape, can be a help when someone wants to donate without having much in their wallet. Working hardware components are necessary to write drivers. Sometimes Haiku developers need replacement components for a development machine. Sending an e-mail to the Haiku mailing list, or posting a message in the forums are two good ways to let the community know you have something to donate.
  • Time - A person’s time has the potential to be just as valuable as a financial donation. Reliable, hardworking people who have time to contribute are in short supply on the Haiku project.
  • Connections – Who you know can be just as valuable as money in the bank or even more so. In some cases, Haiku may have a need that you can fill because of someone you know.
  • Create Awareness – Haiku is at the stage where it is growing rapidly and creating awareness is the best way to entice new people to get in