Blog post by axeld on Thu, 2005-10-20 10:05

I’m done implementing sub transactions for now - I haven’t yet tested detaching sub transactions, but everything seems to work fine. Time will tell :-)
A complete Tracker build now dropped from 13.5 minutes to 5.4 minutes - that’s great, but BeOS R5 does the same job on this machine in around 2.5 minutes, so even while this is an improvement, we still have a long road ahead of us. I can only guess where we lose those 3 minutes for now, but I am sure we’ll find out well before R1. One of the responsible components should be the caching system, as it still only looks up single blocks/pages, instead of doing some bigger reads and read-ahead.

Anyway, since Adi is still working on the app_server, my next assignment is getting Haiku to work again on SMP machines. While it may seem like luxury right now, having an SMP machine to test a multi-threaded system on is almost mandatory. Let’s see how many related bugs have sneaked into the system - I only know about one particular piece of code that won’t work well on those machines (and I am to blame for that one, out of pure laziness).

The machine I am testing on is a dual PIII (with Intel BX chipset) that was generously donated (or lent :-)) by Ingo, one of the best developers we have on the team.