I'll Be Able To Start That Hardware For Open Source Catalog Soon

Blog post by michael_crawford on Sat, 2008-11-01 11:04

I have some happy news: I’ll be able to start coding the cheap hardware for Open Source catalog soon, I expect by the middle of the coming week. For reasons of personal preferences as well as sharpening a salable job skill, I’ll be doing it in Python. I have a friend who is an expert web programmer who could advise me on the design of the database schema. I will also start by reviewing the available Python code libraries to find components that I can reuse.

Cheap Hardware For Open Source Developers

Blog post by michael_crawford on Sun, 2008-10-26 12:47

Matt Zehner, a teacher at Branham High School in San Jose, sponsors the school’s SPARE e-Waste recycling program: Students Promoting Awareness of Recycling and the Environment. Their focus is on putting discarded hardware back into productive use so it doesn’t enter the waste stream, as many electronic products are full of toxic materials like lead and arsenic. His club was featured in the Cambrian Times' article Branham High School club masters art of turning trash into treasure.