Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

Blog post by mmadia on Sat, 2013-05-11 17:10

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Last month on the [haiku-inc] mailing list, Arman "Kulluminatii" Chahal suggested adding Haiku to Goodsearch. "What is Goodsearch?", you may ask. It's a Yahoo! powered search engine that will donate money (about a penny) to your favorite non-profit or school. They provide other ways to help earn money -- shopping online, participating in online surveys, completing special offers and more! This past week, the registration process completed and Haiku is now a participating non profit!

To choose Haiku as your cause,

  1. Go to goodsearch's homepage
  2. Click the "Choose a cause" button
  3. Enter "Haiku" in the search box.
  4. Select "Haiku (Saddle Brook, NJ)"

Alternatively, you can simply bookmark http://www.goodsearch.com/?charityid=949749

Currently, WebPositive is hard-coded to use Google when performing a search query from the URL bar. Until a user-defined setting is implemented, the easiest way is simply to set goodsearch as the start page, navigate to it and perform your search.

To set WebPositive's homepage,

  1. Go to Window and select Settings
  2. Paste http://www.goodsearch.com/?charityid=949749 as the Start page and click Apply.

Overall, this is another way each of us can collectively chip in and help raise secure additional funding for HAIKU. Thank you for the suggestion, Kulluminatii!


Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

I think money is not everything in life.
It's a shame how yahoo tries to make his search engine more popular. Really disgusting. And haiku wants to contribute to it, just because of some money.

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

Yahoo doesn't own or operate GoodSearch in any way. GoodSearch pays Yahoo to use their search engine. GoodSearch makes it's money off of search engine advertisers, and the participating merchants and restaurants. They donate a portion (usually 50%, sometimes higher) to the user's NPO of choice. In this case, its Haiku. I'm not sure whats so disgusting about a business trying to make money, and then donating some of that money to the user's chosen NPO.

Look at the list of nonprofits and schools that are able to gather some extra money because of GoodSearch. They aren't doing something evil.

Anyway, thank you Matt for listening to my suggestion and doing your due diligence to get Haiku listed on GoodSearch! It couldn't have been possible with you.

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

forcing people to use something more bad/weak, than they can get is in my opinion, completely wrong. If I imagine, that haiku would come with goodsearch , pre-setted as the default search engine, instead of google, it would be something suboptimal. The middle-point should be the user, and not the money, and as such, I want haiku to come with the settings, that are wanted by the most users. If there would have been a poll, and the poll would have shown that most users, prefer to use goodsearch, just for the benefit of the money, it would have been fine. But as I understand from the text, it could be that in future, haiku will come with goodsearch preinstalled.

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

I think Haiku has every right to set GoodSearch to the default search engine to generate some extra money that could go towards hastening development of the OS. I don't think they will ever force anyone to use GoodSearch exclusively though. Sure, maybe in the future Web+ will come pre-configured with GoodSearch, but if someone is that vehemently against using it than they should have the option to switch to Google, Bing, etc. I agree with you that the focus point of Haiku should be the user, but Haiku has a long way to go until it is able to satisfy most user's daily computing needs...so this money (however small), is still going a long way to help realize that goal.

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

hrmmm. I did not force anyone to use goodsearch. I did not suggest making goodsearch Web+'s default search engine (let alone implement such a change).

What I did do is explain how to make it easier to use goodsearch -- it is up to each individual to choose whether or not to utilize it.

I am all for finding more ways to enable people to contribute to Haiku -- in whatever fashion that fits their desires and the projects needs. goodsearch is simply one more tool in the belt.

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

Is it possible to search in languages other than english ? Because the lack of that would be quite a problem for me. I like finding results in all the languages I can read (french, spanish and english), and limiting myself to only one part of the internet isn't a good thing.

I'll try to use goodsearch anyway, but I think I'll have to use some other search engines in some cases for the lack of that... Is it a problem with Yahoo algorithms, or just a missing option at Goodsearch side ?

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

Hmm this looks interesting. I am using it from the firefox search bar to support Haiku when not using WebPositive. It is good to have other means to donate to the project.

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

I don't know about making "goodsearch" as the default search engine. However I am likeing the idea of being able to help fund your NPO of choice by doing something you already do hundreds of times a day anyway, seaching! I have only used Goodsearch for a few minutes and have already contributed 14 U.S. cents to Haiku! Given how many times the average user uses a search engine a day, that is a lot of money!

I agree that money is not everything, that doesn't mean that money is the root of all evil, the lust of money is! There is nothing wrong with Haiku Inc wanting more sources (more steady sources) of income to fund development! Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all! I do have issue with goodsearch being the only search engine for WebPositive with no ability to change that (hardcoded)

Goodsearch is ok, because it is based on yahoo search, however it is not as responsive as say google or duck duck go (my prefered search engine). Open source is about user choice, and I think forcing goodsearch on the users because it helps fund Haiku is not right(if that is indeed the plan). Otherwise, this is a good idea!

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

I think this is a great idea. That said... selectable search providers would be pretty good too. Perhaps with the option to intiate multiple searches from the search bar (open 2+ searches at once etc... similar to dogpile). Or maybe the browser recognises you are on a search page it can have buttons to launch that search with another provider. I think the latter would clearly be more difficult but it would make more sense.

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

The direct link to supporting Haiku does not work!

You must do the legwork step by step.

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

You are correct - I fixed it so it uses our actual "charity id" number now.

Thanks for reporting it!

Re: Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

It is now possible to configure the search engine in WebPositive. You can use this URL to use GoodSearch and donate money to Haiku: http://www.goodsearch.com/search-web?charityid=949749&keywords=%s This works even if you don't log in to your goodsearch account. The "downside" is your donation is then considered "anonymous" and your name not mentionned on Haiku's Goodsearch page.