Promotion is a crucial part of ensuring Haiku continues to grow. Without spreading the word, we cannot gain new users and volunteers.

Whilst Haiku does have a Promotion Team, which you are more than welcome to join and can read more about here, here are some things you can do on your own as well.

What can I do to promote Haiku?

Letting people know that you use Haiku can help more people discover the Project and decide whether they want to try the OS out. You might want to also mention that our ISOs allow for people to try out the OS without installing it onto a hard disk. You could burn the latest release of Haiku onto a USB or CD - and pass it around to those around you who may be interested.

Talking about Haiku online can really help as well. You could, for instance, retweet what we post on our official Twitter account. You could post screenshots/photos of your Haiku setup, or show the world what new creation you’ve been working on in Haiku - all these and more help spread the word.

Additionally, if you watch any technology reviewers who review operating systems or software and think they might be interested in reviewing Haiku, you might want to suggest they do a review of Haiku.

Be courteous!
Don't aggressively evangelise or promote Haiku, especially in places where this might not be welcome (i.e. Linux discussion groups). If someone isn't interested in Haiku or dislikes it, then that's completely fine - don't pester them or start an argument with them. Remember, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Answer any questions people might have

Another way you can help is by answering questions people might have about Haiku - this way, they get to know more about Haiku and we can also show that our community is a friendly and active one.