Accepted Students

Eight students to be mentored by Haiku in Google Summer of Code 2011!

For this year's Google Summer of Code™ program, we at Haiku have been allocated eight students! In 2011, 417 mentoring organizations applied and 3731 students submitted 5474 proposals. Haiku is proud to be one of the 175 accepted mentoring organizations, with 35 submitted proposals and 8 accepted students.

Over the years, Haiku's goals for Google Summer of Code have evolved. Originally the ability to evaluate the students' capabilities was lacking and the attention was simply on choosing projects that filled a need. Now, the emphasis is placed on choosing the best students, as they are more important than their short term code contributions. During the application process, those students instilled a sense of hope and confidence in Haiku's mentors that they will mature into full project contributors. In other words, this is our opportunity to grow and refine young, intelligent, and highly motivated students into people who will continue to develop Haiku in the years to come.

Adrien "pulkomandy" Destugues and Alex "yourpalal" Wilson are prime examples of our achievements in this. They successfully passed their individual Google Summer of Code participations. They have become integral parts of the development force. Now, they are completing the circle by mentoring new students, who will hopefully become tomorrow's contributors with commit access. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit in all this, is that Adrien was Alex's mentor last year, thus showing how Google Summer of Code is literally expanding Haiku's development pool one talented mind at a time.

Accepted Students

Dario Casalinuovo

Gabriel Hartmann

Sean Healy

Nathan Heisey

Jian Jiang

  • Mentor: Jérôme Duval
  • Project: Add USB 3.0 support to Haiku
  • Blog: chiang

Jack Laxson

  • Mentor: Oliver Tappe
  • Project: Bâtisseur: a build server for all.
  • Blog: jrabbit

Ankur Sethi

Mike Smith

Additional Mentors

It is worth noting that Haiku has moved past the "one mentor per student mentality". In addition to the primary mentors listed above, the following people are part of a pool of mentors. The mentor pool is available to all students, as a supplement to their officially listed mentors. This improves the so-called Bus Factor, by enabling other interested and knowledgeable people to participate in the students' daily activities.

  • Stephan Aßmus
  • Axel Dörfler
  • René Gollent
  • Ryan C. Gordon (from SDL)
  • Fredrik Holmqvist
  • Phillippe Houdoin
  • Ryan Leavengood
  • Michael Lotz
  • Scott McCreary
  • François Revol
  • Oliver Ruiz Dorantes
  • Philippe Saint-Pierre
  • Ingo Weinhold
  • Clemens Zeidler
  • Siarzhuk Zharski

In closing ...

Thank you to all who have and continue to take the time to make Haiku's participation in Google Summer of Code a successful adventure. This includes Google for sponsoring Summer of Code; its program administrators Carol Smith, Cat Allman, Chris DiBona, & Ellen Ko; the Melange developers and contributors; and of course Haiku's Mentors. If any student would like feedback regarding your proposal and suggestions for next year, feel free to contact (Matthew Madia).


Re: Accepted Students

Noice. Either way they sound like good projects.

Re: Eight students to be mentored by Haiku in Google Summer ...

Eight slots shows a respectable vote of confidence by Google (no idea how they decide on the number per project though...). Very cool!
Welcome all students! Hope you are all successful and have fun while working on your projects this summer. Please keep the rest of us up to date on your progress by blogging about it frequently.

Thanks, Matt, for doing all the heavy organisational lifting. You're doing an exceptionally well job!


Re: Eight students to be mentored by Haiku in Google Summer ...

Would be nice if google threw 5% of the money they waste on a few other things at haiku, if they did they could get a nice replacement for andriod.

Its also nice to see so many strong students. I really liked reading about the uvc project, very detailed and well thought out. I expect to see that one finished early.

USB 3.0. Yes this would be great to get haikus USB stack up to speed for sure.

I was hoping someone would tackle a virtualbox port, that would have been awesome.

Re: Eight students to be mentored by Haiku in Google Summer ...

I don't think Google has any intent on replacing Android. ;)

Re: Eight students to be mentored by Haiku in Google Summer ...

sure they do, when something better comes along