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Magnify shows an enlarged version of the area around your mouse pointer.


At the top you'll find the size and magnification level of the area. "64 x 32 @ 8 pixels/pixel" means that you look at a 64x32 pixel rectangle around your mouse pointer and every pixel is enlarged by a factor of 8.

Below that is the color of the pixel that's marked by a red outline. Its color is presented as RGB and hex value.
You can move the red outline with / / / .

To measure distances and align objects, you can add up to two blue crosshairs with ALT H. Their X/Y coordinates toward the top left corner and, if both are added, their X/Y distance from each other, are displayed at the bottom.
They can also be moved with / / / . The active crosshair is marked with an "x".

You can move the mouse pointer pixel by pixel with ALT  / / / .

Clicking on the pop-up menu or right-clicking into the pixel grid gives you a number of options:

Save imageALT S Saves the current display as a PNG image.
Copy imageALT C Copies the current display to the clipboard.
Show infoALT T Shows additional information.
Add a crosshairALT H Adds a crosshair you can drag around.
Remove a crosshairALT SHIFT H Removes the last added crosshair.
Show gridALT G Shows a grid overlay.
Freeze imageALT F Stops updating the magnification area.
Stick coordinatesALT I Keeps updating the magnification area, but doesn't follow the mouse pointer any more.
Make squareALT / Reverts back to a square display after resizing the window.
Decrease window sizeALT - Shrinks the magnified area around the mouse pointer.
Increase window sizeALT + Enlarges the magnified area around the mouse pointer.
Decrease pixel sizeALT , Lowers magnification.
Increase pixel sizeALT . Increases magnification.