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Workspaces are virtual desktops, complete with their own resolution, color depth and background. Up to 32 of these workspaces can be set from the Screen preferences.


index Switching workspaces

You switch between workspaces by either clicking into the Workspaces applet (which is seen in the above image) or by using the keyboard shortcut ALT Fx, where "x" is the workspace number. It's a good idea to arrange your workspaces in rows of four to mimick the layout of the Fx keys on the keyboard.
Also, clicking on an application or one of its windows in the Deskbar will send you to the workspace it's in.

Another very convenient way is to use CTRL ALT /// to navigate spatially the rows/columns of the available workspaces. If you additionally hold down SHIFT, the active window will move with you to the new workspace.

You can switch back and forth between two workspaces with ALT ` (the actual key depends on the keymap you're using - it is the key below ESC). Again, holding SHIFT will take the active window with you.