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Configurări:~/config/settings/* - Fiecare Traducător creează propriul fișier de configurări aici după ce ați schimbat la implicit.
~/config/settings/system/DataTranslations settings - Stochează poziția ferestrei panoului.

Every application has the ability to open and save every file format for which there's a Translator installed. The settings for these Translators are configured in the DataTranslations preferences.


Depending on its capabilities, each Translator offers different settings. At least you'll get an Info… button that opens a window with the credits and the installation path.
The following table gives an overview of the default Translators and their most useful options.

Pictograme AppleDimensiuni de imagine valide sunt 16, 32, 48, 128, 256, 512, 1024 (RGB32 și RGBA32)
Imagini BMP24bit, necomprimat, fără transparență
Imagini EXRILM's high dynamic-range (HDR) format
Imagini GIF8bit, lossless compression, transparency
You can reduce the filesize by limiting the number of used colors and the palette.
You can write images with transparency, either by automatically using the alpha channel or by setting the RGB value that will be transparent by hand.
Pictograme HVIFTranslator for Haiku's vector icon format
Imagini JPEG200024bit, comprimat, fără transparență
Aici, de obicei vă interesează doar calitatea rezultatului.
Imagini JPEG24bit, compressed, no transparency
Besides the output quality you can also set a smoothing that will lessen compression artefacts but can blur the picture a little.
Imagini PCX24bit, necomprimat, fără transparență, format PC Paintbrush Exchange
Imagini Photoshop32bit, lossless compression, transparency
The translator reduces all layers to one bitmap layer.
Imagini PNG32bit, lossless compression, transparency
Imagini PPM24bit, necomprimat, fără transparență, format Portable PixMap
Imagini RAWpână la 48bit, necomprimat, fără transparență
Fișiere text RTFText formatat
Imagini SGI24bit, optional lossless compression, transparency
Fișiere StyledEditPlain text with formatting stored in attibutes
Imagini TGA32bit, optional lossless compression, transparency
Imagini TIFF24bit, optional lossless compression, layers, transparency
Imagini WebP8-bit YUV 4:2:0 image format, compressed, no transparency
Pictograme WindowsDimensiuni de imagine valide sunt 16, 32, 48
Imagini WonderBrush32bit, layers, transparency, vector/pixel data

Screenshots, charts, black&white drawings and other images with few used colors, as well as small pictures are best saved as GIF (up to 256 colors) or PNG (millions of colors). JPEG, for example, introduces compression artefacts without gain in smaller filesize.