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Горячие клавиши
Встроенные команды


Расположение в Deskbar:Приложения (Applications)
Расположение в Tracker:/boot/system/apps/Vision/Vision
Настройки хранятся по адресу:~/config/settings/Vision/*

Vision - это IRC-клиент, изначально разработанный для BeOS. Документация и баг-трекер доступны на официальном сайте Vision.

You can find help from other Haiku users and developers on Haiku channels in various languages.
The most frequented channel is the English speaking #haiku at irc.oftc.net.

Some advice, especially if you're new to IRC:


index Горячие клавиши

Vision provides a few handy keyboard shortcuts:

TABTab-completion like in Terminal: After entering a few letters of a nickname, hitting TAB completes to the first matching nickname.
/ When the input control has focus, this will cycle through your recently entered text.
ALT / Activates the window that appears above / below the currently active (selected) one in the "Window list"
SHIFT ALT / Similar to ALT / , but with a twist. Instead of activating the window immedietly above / below the current one, it looks ahead. If there are any windows with higher status bits then the current window, it jumps to those. It jumps to the highest found status bit first.
To understand this, you must know that Vision color codes windows in the list with different "status bits" depending on how its contents have changed since it last had focus:
  • black - no new text
  • gray - new text, but nothing exciting (joins, parts, etc.)
  • green - someone has said something
  • red - someone has said something, and mentioned your nickname
Vision treats these with sequential priority. When you press SHIFT ALT / , Vision will first jump to a red window above / below the current one if it sees one. If it doesn't see a red one, it will jump to a green one, and so on.

index Встроенные команды

Here's a list of built-in commands, taken with permission from Vision's website.


<обязательно>обязательный параметр
[необязательно]необязательный параметр
|логическое ИЛИ
...можно добавить больше параметров