Building Haiku

Building Haiku from sources is a surprisingly simple process which allows developers to get started quickly developing on Haiku and allowing end users to experiment with the latest Haiku sources.

Port Status

An overview of the platforms Haiku is designed to run on

Pre-requisite software

The tools you need to compile software for Haiku, or to compile Haiku itself, depend on the platform that is used for building.

Getting source code

Using Git for obtaining the Haiku sources

Configuring your build

Setting up your build environment

Using Jam

Using the Jam compilation tool to effectively and efficiently build Haiku

Compiling Haiku

Haiku being still in sometimes heavy development, libraries and other tools needed to build an image may change and are then outdated or not available in your installed Haiku. If you encounter such build failures, try to use a newer nightly image.