Compiling Haiku for SPARC

Haiku can be compiled for devices using the SPARC 64bit processor architecture.

The state of the SPARC port is early. Only the bootloader currently runs.

Create a compiler toolchain

Building the SPARC compiler toolchain is quite easy using Haiku’s configure tool.

For a complete list of flags for the configure script, see Haiku’s Configure Options

  1. Perform a git clone haiku and buildtools
  2. Within the haiku source directory, create your workspace for SPARC via mkdir generated.sparc; cd generated.sparc
  3. Run configure to build your SPARC toolchain. ../configure --use-gcc-pipe -j4 --cross-tools-source ../../buildtools --build-cross-tools sparc

Building a filesystem image

Once you have a complete SPARC toolchain, you can build a Haiku filesystem image via jam -j2 -q @minimum-raw

The generated filesystem image is not sufficient for booting a SPARC machine. Work is ongoing to generate a bootable CD image in a suitable format.

Building the bootloader

You can build the bootloader using jam -q haiku_loader.openfirmware. It can then be run on real hardware for example using network booting, or once copied to a suitable disk accessible from open firmware.