Compiling Haiku for SPARC

Haiku can be compiled for devices using the SPARC 64bit processor architecture.

Please ensure that you have obtained a copy of Haiku’s source code as described in Get the Haiku Source Code if you have not already done so.

The state of the SPARC port is early. Only the bootloader currently runs.

Create a compiler toolchain

Building the SPARC compiler toolchain is quite easy using Haiku’s configure tool.

For a complete list of flags for the configure script, see Haiku’s Configure Options

  1. Perform a git clone haiku and buildtools
  2. Within the haiku source directory, create your workspace for SPARC via mkdir generated.sparc; cd generated.sparc
  3. Run configure to build your SPARC toolchain. ../configure --use-gcc-pipe -j4 --cross-tools-source ../../buildtools --build-cross-tools sparc

Building a filesystem image

Once you have a complete SPARC toolchain, you can build a Haiku filesystem image via jam -j2 -q @minimum-raw

The generated filesystem image is not sufficient for booting a SPARC machine. Work is ongoing to generate a bootable CD image in a suitable format.

Building the bootloader

You can build the bootloader using jam -q haiku_loader.openfirmware. It can then be run on real hardware for example using network booting, or once copied to a suitable disk accessible from open firmware.