GSoC 2011: May 23 (end of community bonding period) Milestone Report

Blog post by antifinidictor on Mon, 2011-05-23 08:11

During Community Bonding period, I began the process of setting up my Haiku working environment. Initially I attempted to install Haiku on my machine using VirtualBox; while this ran successfully, I could not access the internet or USB devices from my virtual machine (and hence could load the SDL libraries into Haiku). I have since created a Haiku-USB drive which also loads, although my graphics hardware breaks down if I do not run Haiku in safe mode, and Haiku still does not recognize my ethernet connection. I have also tried connecting via Wifi, with similar results.

I have briefly discussed the issues with my mentor, and will inform him and the Haiku community of my computer’s hardware in a few days. For now all I can say is that it is a Sony VAIO (laptop), and I have had compatibility issues before with certain types of software and drivers. I will have access to another machine with different hardware after June 10, if necessary.

I hope to have a working Haiku installation on my machine, and possibly have downloaded and compiled SDL 1.2 by the quarter term.

===Edit 5/29/2011=== Thanks to my mentor and those who commented below, I was able to get internet on the VirtualBox working using the IntelPro 1000 chipset. This is slow, but it should be good enough for me to get started. Of course, since finals is the week after next, I will be doing almost no work during until June 10; but I will download SDL 1.2 onto the virtual machine and see if I can get it to compile.