Reality Bytes

Blog post by bryanv on Wed, 2008-10-01 03:53

After nearly three years, I’m finally winding down all the home-improvement projects that have been bogging me down and consuming the time I haven’t devoted to my family, friends, job, and immediate community. I also have Haiku running on my iMac, virtualized in VirtualBox. I am working on getting the data from my old UW SCSI development disc to an image on this machine as I type this. That’s the good news.

How to Help with the OpenJDK Port

Blog post by bryanv on Tue, 2008-03-11 19:42

I’ve gotten several (at least five or six) emails from people contacting me through this website. It seems to be a common question. I’d like to publicly apologize to any that I have not responded to personally. To those of you, I’m sorry. So here, publicly posted, is how to get started in helping out with the OpenJDK port. Read You'll need to sign an SCA and do what it says regarding the licensing.

Procrastination, smashtication!

Blog post by bryanv on Mon, 2008-03-03 03:35

After procrastinating for far too long on getting a project proposal in to the OpenJDK Community Innovators' Challenge, I finally drafted and submitted a proposal to port HotSpot to Haiku, x86 just a few hours before the deadline. Should the project be selected, Andrew and I will likely have ample motivation to accomplish the stated goals of the proposal on time. I firmly believe the goals set forth are reasonable, seeing as Andrew is a machine, and this time around I know a whole lot more about what we’re doing with the VM.

Status Update

Blog post by bryanv on Thu, 2008-02-28 21:08

It’s been nearly a month since the creation of the Haiku port in the OpenJDK project. In that time, not much has happened. Sadly. Every single weekend thus far, I’ve been committed to doing something other than Haiku – and I don’t like it. That said there has been some progress made. OpenJDK is readying support for our Mercurial access. Andrew recovered the data from his failed hard disk. This was his work toward merging some of the previous 1.

So it starts.

Blog post by bryanv on Wed, 2008-01-23 04:43

As I write this first post, I’m in the process of sending off the initial OpenJDK project page content to Mark Reinhold for public posting. I’m grinning wildly, and I’m having some great flash-back style memories of working on the JDK 1.4 port. I think now is a good time for a general status report, to communicate where we’re at, where we’re going, how we’ll get there, and how you can get involved.