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New in Haiku: Debugger is now default

Blog post by nielx on Mon, 2012-12-24 08:44

Just a few days ago, Rene Gollent switched on the Haiku debugger as the default debugger. Starting from revision 45032, whenever an application crashes, you will now get the option to debug it in Haiku's debugger. This milestone is important because it marks Haiku's debugger as ready for general use. Before Haiku used the command line tool gdb, which is very good but also very user unfriendly if you are used to a descent GUI debugger.

Read more to see some screenshots.

Haiku has No Future

Blog post by nielx on Sun, 2010-04-11 15:19

It was a few months ago that on a lazy Sunday afternoon I found myself to be in Brussels at the FOSDEM conference, where François organized a very successful Alt-OS development room, filled with all sorts of presentations on the world of the alternative operating systems. As probably the only non-computer science person, I got a slot as well and I decided to give a presentation with this same title. Now just imagine, I was scheduled on the last day, nearing the end of the conference (around four or five in the afternoon) and knowing the visitor group, I did not expect much. As such, I decided to prepare a discussion session for the ten or so people to show up. Now about five minutes before I was scheduled to go, people started trickling in. And to my pleasant dismay – if ever such a thing is possible – I ended up having a full house. Now why would a large number of computer geeks or – more nicely put – Open Source fanatics be interested in what a silly humanities guy has to say? I started to think about that, and I realize that this is in fact a very central question to everybody that donates time or money to these projects: what will be its future? Or put in another way, how can we, as actors in the always changing, always new information technology sector determine a path? That is the problem I would like to give a stab at in the coming twenty minutes.

This contains the text and the slides of a presentation I gave on the 11th of April 2010, at BeGeistert 022 in Düsseldorf. Attached you can find the slides and a printer-friendly version of this text.

Alpha 1: A Week Later

Blog post by nielx on Mon, 2009-09-21 13:00

Exactly one week ago, on a simple Monday in September, we pulled the lever. Though it had been anticipated in more than one language, it was a relief when suddenly a whole new website appeared, and more importantly, this update had something called a release, a thing relatively unknown in Haiku's universe. I still remember being in the IRC channel, when Michael Lotz proclaimed: "I can't believe the other devs are letting me do this" while he was tagging the source code for the final alpha build.

So what happened after that?

A Jocund Eulogy

Blog post by nielx on Sat, 2009-04-04 21:12

According to my resume, I've been contributing to Haiku since 2002. I don't remember how I determined that start date, and GMail is only five years old so searching that does not provide me with an answer either. What I do know is that I feel a strong connection with this project. Which really makes it all that harder to part.

I remember I started by writing a naive proposal about internationalization back when this was still OpenBeOS. You should know that at the time I was sixteen years old, so I never really knew BeOS, and I just came from the translation team from KDE. I left that project in search of something bigger, more integrated, more ... I think we have all been there. BeOS seemed like a materialization of that dream. Only, Be Inc. already turned into ashes when I started my quest. A bunch of silly coders with a vision were determined to continue that dream. Little did they know that seven years later their code would boot on many machines - even though mine right now seems to be left out of the fun. My proposal on internationalization, however, never came to materialize.