[GSoC 2017] 3D Hardware Acceleration - Weekly Report 3

Blog post by vivek on Mon, 2017-06-19 15:42


Almost 2 weeks since the last Weekly Report, so here goes what I have been up to in the last two weeks.

Adding code

I am slowly adding new code as you might see here. Each commit represents a new file and its dependencies compiling successfully in my machine(gcc5). In asm/atomic.h I have commented out some of the functions which I believe is not required for DRM. If I find some use of those functions then I will have to revisit this file and make the necessary changes. Also, I have used some compiler (gcc5) functions in asm/atomic which will later have to be changed appropriately for use with gcc2 if that is desired.

I am adding these headers (rather slowly), and trying to keep the #includes as tidy as possible. Once I have these important headers in place, things will be faster with every new addition. Whatever questions I have, I keep asking in the GSoC mailing list (haiku-gsoc@freelists.org). I would love some feedback and/or recommended changes, either in the GSoC mailing list or comments to my commits on GitHub. As of now I am trying to implement linux/mutex.h using lock.h.

Thank you for reading.