Our application to become a mentor organization for the Google Summer of Code 2007 has been approved! Qualifying students can apply for one of our GSoC 2007 project ideas between now and March 26th, 2007.

Student Application Mini-FAQ

Application Template

When applying for a project idea, please include the information shown in this template.

Personal Profile

  • Full name
  • Preferred email address
  • Availability - How many hours per week can you spend working? When can you begin work? What other obligations do you have this summer?
  • Brief bio - Who are you? What development experience do you have (academic, industrial, open source)?

Project idea information

  • Project title - E.g.: "Create a thread scheduler with CPU affinity"
  • List of project goals - These must be quantifiable results. For example:
    • Implement application A.
    • Implement features F, G, and H for module M.
    • Write documentation for the new interfaces I and J.
    • Write N unit tests for module M.
    • Improve performance of module M by at least N%.
  • Project description - Explain some/all goals in detail (where necessary) and how you want to achieve them, maybe including ideas for algorithms and concepts.
  • Why do you want to work on this project? What makes you the best person to work on it?

If you have questions about your application for a Haiku idea, please contact the Haiku GSoC administrator (Waldemar Kornewald), or send an email to the Haiku mailing list.

Resources available to students

In addition to the mentor(s) assigned to each student, the following resources will be available where inquiries can be made in order to get assistance during your GSoC project.

For more information

For more information about general information and eligibility for GSoC 2007, please check out the following Google resources: