Online coding sprint

This year Haiku will be holding a virtual coding sprint (due to international travel restrictions), between 18th and the 31st of October. These dates were chosen because they matched up with the traditional dates for the in-person coding sprint and the BeGeistert conference.

This also lines up with Hacktoberfest - do note though that whilst working on Haiku, the operating system for Hacktoberfest won’t work (the development work for this happens on our own hosted git repositories and on Gerrit, not on GitHub), helping out at HaikuArchives, HaikuPorts or doing some work on our website and web infrastructure will as those are hosted on GitHub.

How does the coding sprint work?

In past years, coding sprints involved gathering developers in a room (a meeting room, usually) where they would work on Haiku. Obviously, with this virtual coding sprint everything will run online, presumably with an IRC channel or another online platform.

Anyone can participate, and there is no obligation on how much time you put in even though the sprint runs for two weeks. It’s a good opportunity for existing contributors to work on something Haiku-related, like fix bugs or embark on that large project that’s been sitting on their to-do list for a while, or help resurrect an app (might be their own or an app from the BeOS days sitting around in HaikuArchives waiting for some TLC), help finalise patches waiting on Gerrit, submit proposals, etc. etc. And since there’ll be more people online during this sprint, you’ll have plenty of help from your fellow developers on hand!

What about new contributors?

This is also a good chance for new contributors to get started too! Just to ensure you’re ready for the sprint, it’s a good idea to first check out our page on how you can get started on development, with ideas on what you might like to work on. You might also want to:

We can guarantee you’ll definitely find something to work on. Still have no idea what to do? Just ask on the forums or our chatroom and we’ll work together to find something you can work on.

If you’re not much of a developer, it’s a good time too to get stuck into some non-coding work for Haiku. If you’re stuck on ideas, you might like to:

We hope this coding sprint is enjoyable and productive for all!

  • Event Dates: 2021-10-18 - 2021-10-31