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Configurări:~/config/settings/PoorMan Settings

PoorMan is a nice little webserver that's extremely easy to set up. Naturally it doesn't offer any advanced features like other heavy duty server software, it's after all only a poor man's webserver.

Upon its first launch, PoorMan asks for the folder that is about to be served to the web. If you go with the Default, a new folder /boot/home/public_html is created for you. As a start page a HTML file named by default index.html has to be present there.

PoorMan presents itself with a simple console that logs its activity. Then, there's status information if the server is running, which folder is being served, and a hit counter. Settings are changed with Edit | Settings…:


The settings panel is divided into three tabs:

In Site you can select another folder to serve, enter another start page and have the option to send a file listing if the start page isn't present.
Logging lets you de/activate logging to the console or optionally to a separate logfile.
The Advanced tab holds the setting for the maximum simultaneous connections.

The menu items of the console window are all self-explanatory. With them you can e.g. save (parts) of the console output, clear the console or logging file and start/stop the server or clear the hit counter.

If you want to try out if PoorMan's working, choose /boot/system/apps/BePDF/docs/docs-build/ as folder and index.html as start page. Then point your browser to the URL, which is your local host.