Miracles do happen; Development contract for April!

News posted on Mon, 2014-03-31 20:40

Wow. Thanks to our donors' generousity, Adrien is able to continue for a seventh month of improving WebPositive, WebKit and its related techologies. $2145 has been raised this past month! This is spot on with the number mentioned in last month's contract announcement article.

If you did not hear, Adrien has started working on HTML5 Audio/Video support, specifically the audio portion. As usual, he is publishing weekly progress reports on his blog. Periodically, new builds of WebKit and WebPositive are merged into the nightly images.

Once again, allow me to extend our gratitude to everyone who has and continues to donate. The yearly total is now soaring past $13000, which could make 2014 our best year yet. Each and everyone of you are helping to make Haiku a better product. Thank you! If you have not yet donated, this is the perfect time to do so.


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In the words of Emmett the Lego dude...."Everything is Awesome..." :-)

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Thanks again to everyone who made this possible!
*runs back to work*

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I am so happy the contract has been extended another month! I always donate $100 per month, $50 on the first and fifteenth of the month. I say this not to brag, but to encourage others to contribute as well. With HTML5 audio and video support in webpositive, it will be one step closer to more widespread use and adoption! I may yet be able to watch youtube videos this year with Haiku and Webpositive!

PulkoMandy, thank you for your hard work and tireless effort in this project! You have my thanks and gratitude! I look forward to the next WebKit weekly report!


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it's great how much was donated by the haiku community....
but at the same time it's a little depressing, that it really takes that much money to have a decent webbrowser.
Here I start to think if perhaps, one should have put this money in a QT5 port, since and using some of the qt browsers.

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@cipri cheer up... we have a nice QT 4.8 port that works for alot of apps. And we have a first class native webkit port.

The QT port is already at a point of diminishing returns. There is also the possibility that since we are building a webkit browser we may be able to plugin mozilla's servo engine once it becomes usable as it uses the same embedding API as webkit.

It would be nice to have the QT port updated sure... but money is just a catalyst and Adrien was interested in pushing webkit forward so that is where it went and it has paid off quite well IMO. Also bear in mind that alot of this work would have been needed for QT based browsers too either way it would have been similarly expensive. Yet going the native route is the clear choice since it makes the native APIs better directly rather than relying on any crutches QT may have provided.