Haiku, Inc. Now Accepting Donations Through GitHub Sponsors

News posted on Mon, 2022-07-11 17:00

We are proud to announce that Haiku, Inc. is now accepting donations through GitHub Sponsors.

This was actually set up about a month ago but it was only announced in our forums. We already have 10 sponsors and have set a new goal to get 20.

One nice aspect of GitHub Sponsors is that the fees for any payments are covered by GitHub. Haiku, Inc. loses a decent percentage of our PayPal donations to fees, so any current donors using PayPal to donate to Haiku can consider switching to GitHub Sponsors to make your donation go a bit further.

As any readers here may know, Haiku developer waddlesplash is working on Haiku as a job, so any donations we receive in any form help pay for waddlesplash’s work. As we receive more donations, we get more runway to continue to employ waddlesplash.

As always, thanks to all our current, past and future donors who have helped keep Haiku going all these years!