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Further improvements to package management and related technologies

Blog post by mmadia on Sun, 2014-02-23 00:07

Since the package management feature branch was merged into HAIKU's
master repository, numerous issues were uncovered. As with any large
feature, an influx of regressions and other issues should always be expected.
Most of the issues revolved around not being able to install or even
run certain software, which for an operating system is a big deal.
Luckily, with any actively developed software such as Haiku, bug fixes
continue to happen. This article will go into some of those issues, what
has been done to fix them, and what other improvements are in the pipeline.

Research into crowdfunding

Blog post by mmadia on Sat, 2013-05-25 13:49

The allure of crowdsourcing is appealing. Notions of being able to reach out to countless new people, who may become interested in HAIKU and what it represents have and continue to captivate my attention. Over the past month, we at Haiku, Inc. have researched, discussed, and discussed some more, two crowdsourcing alternatives -- Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Bitcoin now accepted!

Blog post by mmadia on Sun, 2013-05-12 13:46

Bitcoin logo
In a third installment of donation infrastructure updates, Bitcoin is now accepted! As you may know, bitcoin is a digital currency, which can be "mined" or traded online for cash and various goods and services. Donation buttons are listed on Haiku, Inc.'s donation page. For those who prefer, our bitcoin address is 1CvgfZCz9Scw3711zU1SN59Q8rvas3FgU1.

Flattery will get you everything.

Blog post by mmadia on Sat, 2013-05-11 23:59

Flattr logo
Another development in Haiku's donation infrastructure has been implemented! This time it's Flattr - Social microdonations. Flattr is a way for you to set a monthly donation budget, which then automatically gets divided into equal pieces and donated to people you choose to "Flattr". You can read more about How Flattr Works.

In time, we expect Flattr buttons to be added elsewhere, including and even within individual postings on the website. For now, it's added underneath the piggy bank donation meter, which shows the yearly income from donations. We understand that no single donation processor will meet every person's wants or needs, so we are continuing to adopt multiple options.

Raising funds for Haiku through Goodsearch

Blog post by mmadia on Sat, 2013-05-11 17:10

GoodSearch logo
Last month on the [haiku-inc] mailing list, Arman "Kulluminatii" Chahal suggested adding Haiku to Goodsearch. "What is Goodsearch?", you may ask. It's a Yahoo! powered search engine that will donate money (about a penny) to your favorite non-profit or school. They provide other ways to help earn money -- shopping online, participating in online surveys, completing special offers and more! This past week, the registration process completed and Haiku is now a participating non profit!

To choose Haiku as your cause,

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