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drivesetup-icon_64.pngНастройка дисків (DriveSetup)

Deskbar:Програми (Applications)

DriveSetup is a tool to create, delete and format partitions. At this time it can't resize or move existing partitions, so that you'll either need an unpartitioned volume (perhaps an external USB drive or another harddisk) or do the initial setup with a tool like the GParted LiveCD to provide the space for another partition.


At the top is a graphical representation of all partitions inside the device chosen in the list below it. Each device, by default, can hold a maximum of 4 primary partitions. This limit can be removed by making one of those an extended partition, which in turn can hold theoretically an unlimited number of logical partitions (practical limitations depend on, for example, other OSes installed).
You may have to expand such a list with the +/- widget that appears in that case in front of that device to see the details of every logical partition.

Colors and icons provide some more information about the available volumes and partitions.
Besides the familiar icons for harddisks, CD drives and USB sticks etc., there are a few that indicate a their mount mode:

drivesetup-icon_boot.png  The /boot partition
drivesetup-icon_encrypted.png  An encrypted partition
drivesetup-icon_shared.png  A partition shared through SMB/NFS etc.
drivesetup-icon_read-only.png  A partition that was mounted read-only
drivesetup-icon_virtual.png  A mounted image file (see also the diskimage command)

When mounted, a colored bar shows the used space of a partition. The color depends on the kind of partition:

A BFS formatted partition
A non-BFS formatted partition
A read-only partition
An encrypted partition

You can select a partition and choose various commands from the context or Partition menu, like Mount/Unmount, or to Open in DiskProbe.

You can also Format or completely Delete a partition.

Dealing with creating/deleting/formatting partitions is very dangerous business. Always check twice to be sure you're working with the right one and always keep an up-to-date backup of your data in case something goes wrong!

index Initializing a disk

If you don't plan to use just one of the partitions of a larger disk, but the entire drive as one partition, e.g. a USB stick or a Compact Flash card, you'll have to initialize the disk first.

You do this by selecting the raw disk from list of devices and choose a partition map from the Disk | Initialize menu. The Intel Partition Map is the right choice for classical booting via a BIOS.

Initializing will destroy all data on the drive!

index Створення нового розділу

Якщо використати неформатований простір на диску, який позначено <empty>, то можна створити розділ вибравши Розділ (Partition) | Створити (Create...)(ALT C).


У цьому діалозі Ви повинні задати розмір і тип файлової системи. Виберіть Be File System якщо Вам потрібний розділ для встановлення Haiku або Ви бажаєте використати всі переваги цієї системи такі як атрибути і запити . Зверніть увагу на те, що інші операційні системи можуть мати труднощі з доступом до такого розділу.

The Active partition checkbox is only available if you have created a primary partition instead of just another logical partition within an extended one. You'll have to tick that checkbox if you plan to use that partition to boot a Haiku installation.

Before you can use, or even mount the newly created partition, it has to be formatted with a filesystem.

index Formatting a partition

Only unmounted partitions can be formatted by choosing a filesystem from the sub-menu of Partition | Format. The Be File System (BFS) is mandatory for a Haiku boot partition and recommended for data partitions to be used with Haiku. Only BFS formatted partitions can be queried and fully support Haiku's file attributes.


Тут Вам потрібно вибрати імя розділу та розмір блоку. Рекомендується розмір 2048 байт на блок, хоча за потреби його можна змінити.
Ініціалізація знищить всі дані на цьому розділі!

Formatting will destroy all data on the partition!