HaikuBounties.org donations to Haiku

News posted on Sun, 2006-08-27 04:00

We owe a long due recognition to a Haiku contributor who came up with some great ideas, implemented them, and turned them into much needed funding for our project. We are referring to Karl vom Dorff, creator of HaikuBounties.org, a website where contributors can make monetary donations for specific areas of development, and developers can take coding challenges in exchange for the donated bounties. Karl started HaikuBounties.org early this year, and through the course of just a few months, he was able to raise close to $2000!

We want to publicly acknowledge Karl's effort, and thank him for his contributions to advance the Haiku project. Our acknowledgment for Karl's effort comes late, and for that we would like to apologize. We will be looking into hosting the bounty system that Karl designed, and perhaps even integrate it into the new Haiku website now in development. We hope that Karl is still willing to work together with us so that we can continue and extend his legacy.

Needless to say, we also want to thank the many Haiku fans who put their faith in the project by making generous donations to HaikuBounties.